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The professional and consumer markets are demanding new and more effective methods to defuse civil unrest and subdue criminals without causing permanent injury to law enforcement personnel, innocent bystanders, or criminals.  Many There is an ever-increasing demand for efficient and effective non-lethal solutions within national and local police agencies worldwide.  With 4.9 million police officers worldwide (over 900,000 in the United States alone as of 1999), the potential market for non-lethal products is large and well defined.

Cardiff Pines has an established team of market sector experts, international business development, law enforcement and military, including – SWAT, Chemical, Training and Special Operations management personnel, as well as leading-edge proprietary non-lethal protection systems that can evaluate and work with most public safety products.

Cardiff Pines can help you to aggressively and swiftly penetrate the non-lethal weapons and public safety markets by leveraging professional-use credibility in the law enforcement and military markets. They can help develop products that will penetrate Law Enforcement, Federal Government, Private Security and Consumer markets around the world.

Partial List of Past and Present Clients

  • Custom Metal Concepts
  • American Technologies Corporation
  • Scotti Training Institute
  • Strategic Security Institute
  • Shield Defense Corporation
  • Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc
  • Secure Risks, Ltd.
  • Carpe Occasio Technology Systems
  • IPSG
  • Hydro Force, Inc.
  • Tactical Technologies
  • Summit Pines, LP
  • Secure West Corporation
  • Technology Institute for Humanity
  • TASE
  • Pursuit Management Inc. (Video Clip)
  • Target Safety
  • Victory Flashlight Company
  • Raptor-ID


Cardiff Pines can offer among other services:

  • Market Reports
  • Marketing Plans
  • Product Evaluation
  • Product Development Assistance
  • Introductions into the Public Safety Markets

Cardiff Pines has worked with many manufacturers to launch their products into public safety markets.

The following is a short list of some of those products.









PepperBall Impact



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