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As a consultant for your organization, I will create value through the application of knowledge, techniques and assets, to improve sales performance in the public safety field. The rendering of objective advice and/or the implementation of business solutions will achieve the desired goals. I can provide an objective analysis, wider expertise and independent specialist skills for your organization.

Partial List of Past and Present Clients

  • Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development (CJC-CLD)
  • Victory Flashlight Company
  • Rator-ID
  • Guardian Defense Corporation
  • Priax
  • Protecta Technology Ltd.
  • Tiger Flashlight, Inc.
  • American Technologies Corporation
  • Scotti Training Institute
  • Strategic Security Institute
  • Shield Defense Corporation
  • Universal Guardian Holdings, Inc
  • Secure Risks, Ltd.
  • Carpe Occasio Technology Systems
  • IPSG
  • Hydro Force, Inc.
  • Tactical Technologies
  • Summit Pines, LP
  • Secure West Corporation
  • Technology Institute for Humanity
  • TASE
  • Pursuit Management Inc. (Video Clip)
  • Target Safety
  • Custom Metal & Design Corporation
  • Pacific International Inc.
  • Association of Unmanned Vehicles International
  • TASE The Association of Special Enforcement



As consultancy work covers a broad range of the public safety market the work can be quite varied.

  • Gathering and collating data;
  • Conducting secondary research, including external sources, publications and the internet;
  • Identifying and investigating problems concerned with strategy, policy, markets, organization and processes;
  • Assembling and analyzing all available data;
  • Formulating recommendations for action, taking into account broader managerial and business implications;
  • Agreeing to a course of action with you;
  • Ensuring you receive the assistance needed to implement the recommendations.

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